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If you’re a fan of television dramas, you might be wondering how many dramas are on Netflix. You can find a number of options here, from the hit show Crash Landing on You to the popular movie Squid Game.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital dramas can be a great way to get your fix of the medical genre. Many of the shows feature steamy hookups on hospital grounds, as well as characters who are dealing with health issues. These series are typically a predictable slew of cliches. They also tend to feature a lot of crying relatives.

One of the most popular hospital dramas on Netflix is Hospital Playlist. This medical drama follows a group of friends who work together at the same hospital. It’s not a typical medical drama in that it doesn’t focus on surgery.

Crash Landing on You

Korean dramas or K-dramas are becoming popular worldwide. There are a number of different types of K-dramas, which have been released on Netflix.

The popular Korean drama, Crash Landing on You, is a love story between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean soldier. It is considered one of the most watched k-dramas of all time.

In this romantic drama, Se-ri is a young South Korean heiress who falls into the hands of a North Korean soldier after a freak accident. She is rescued by Captain Ri, who helps her escape the country.

Forecasting Love and Weather

The new Korean drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” is set in the meteorological department of Korea and stars Song Kang and Park Min-young. It follows a group of meteorologists at the Korea Meteorological Administration as they deal with the challenges of work, romance, and marriage. This is the latest in a series of K-dramas that feature young main characters and slice-of-life stories.

“Forecasting Love and Weather” will be available on Netflix in February 2022. Aside from the obvious story of love and weather, the show also delves into marriage and relationships.


There is a lot to love about Netflix’s new military K-drama. The drama has a strong cast, a novel storyline, and a great message.

Season 1 of the series features a rousing ending, highlighting a truth about ranked officers. It also shows senior soldiers abusing new recruits.

The show features a strong lead actor, Jung Hae-in, who plays the title character, Ahn Jun Ho. A young private, Jun Ho is assigned to a unit tasked with finding and apprehending AWOL soldiers. He is assigned to a team led by a captain, Park Beom-gu.

Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine is a Korean drama that explores the lives of three women who are approaching the age of 40. The story follows the relationships between the characters, and how they face loss and finding true love.

Thirty Nine is a 12 episode Korean drama that premiered on Netflix. It has an outstanding cast. Kang Mal-geum, Lee Moo-saeng, Seo Hyun-chul, and Ahn So-hee are among the stars.

In the drama, three friends are approaching their forties. One is a dermatologist, the other is a cosmetics manager at a department store, and the third is an acting teacher. They all met in high school and stayed together throughout their lives. Their lives are about to change drastically due to unforeseen events.


If you’re a fan of K-drama then you’ll definitely want to check out Netflix’s new series, Tomorrow. It blends fantasy and period drama to create a storyline that is both fun and thought provoking. And what’s even better is that it’s available for streaming worldwide.

As with most Korean dramas, the average episode of Tomorrow is just over an hour long. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. This is a bold piece of television that tackles a range of social issues while offering a surprisingly entertaining storyline.

The series follows Choi Joon-Woong, a young man struggling to find work. He ends up becoming a member of a crisis management team. There, he meets a woman who wants to kill her friend.

Squid Game

There are a number of K-drama shows on Netflix. Some are original, others are not. One of the most popular is Squid Game.

This drama/horror show is set in South Korea. It follows a group of people who are tricked into a deadly tournament of children’s games. In order to win, players must find the inner shapes of each game intact.


The show was originally in Korean but it has been dubbed into English. The dubbing work is top notch.

The plot of the series is about a group of desperate indebted people in South Korea. They try to play a game to get money. However, they are not the only ones who are competing for cash.