Using Mediasite to Enhance Learning

Mediasite is a great way to connect with students and collaborate with other educators. It has many features including a Desktop recorder, Search function, and Media storage. Educators can use Mediasite to make learning more interesting and engaging for students. The desktop recorder helps you easily create videos with ease, and you can upload multiple videos in a single file. You can also save your media in different folders and search for them by using the search function.


The MyMediasite portal is a convenient tool for creating, distributing, and sharing multimedia content. It is accessible from any course within Canvas and can be used by K-State faculty and staff. MyMediasite is free of charge. To use it, faculty must first validate their profile. They then download the software, install it, and register their account. If they want to use the service on their office computers, they must contact their system administrator wapboss.

During scheduled maintenance, MultiMedia Services maintains the Mediasite service. The maintenance window is 8am to 10am Eastern on Saturdays. During this time, the system may experience minor interruptions filmdaily. To avoid any inconvenience, MultiMedia Services will send emails to all subscribers and post announcements on DotCIO. The company also has a community forum where users can share ideas and ask questions.

Desktop recorder

Mediasite Desktop recorder provides an easy way to record video, audio, and narration on your computer. It also allows you to annotate your recordings. It records your screen and microphone, and automatically uploads the recording to Mediasite. You can install Mediasite Desktop recorder for free. To get started, click on the Add Presentation tab.

Once installed, you’ll want to register your Mediasite account. Once you do, you can begin recording presentations go90. To do this, visit the MyMediasite portal and login using your campus credentials. Then click on the Add Media button, and choose a file, or click the Add Media button, which opens a new window.

Media storage

There are many ways to manage Media storage on your Mediasite. You can add and remove media files and choose which ones will remain. For example, you can set how many videos and presentation files are stored on your site as archives facetimes. If you’re working with large presentations, you may want to consider limiting the number of files you store on your Mediasite.

The Mediasite Video Platform allows you to store data locally or remotely. To do this, you need to create a local user account or venturebeat network share and assign permissions. For remote storage, you’ll need to use secure HTTP or FTP.

Search function

Using the Search function on Mediasite allows students to find specific videos or parts of videos. These keywords can be found in the video title or description, in audio captions, or in slides. However, search within a video is only possible if the search function has been enabled by the channel administrator and the slides, closed captions, and optical character recognition have been turned on. Once the Search function has been enabled, students should see a search icon on the playback tool bar.

In Mediasite, users can also add hyperlinks to view other online documents or websites buxic. This feature is found in the Content Selection menu, under My Mediasite. To add hyperlinks, users must enter the name and URL of the relevant website or document.

Scheduled actions

If you want to schedule actions on a Mediasite presentation, you can use the Scheduled Actions tab. You can also edit the default settings for schedules. For example, you can change the number of days that completed schedules will remain on Mediasite before they are automatically deleted. In addition, 72m tiger 137m wiggersventurebeat you can also specify how many days that the presentation should be created prior to the scheduled recording date.

There are many ways to schedule actions on Mediasite. You can choose the date and time of a particular presentation. Alternatively, you can schedule automatic visibility updates. If you’re publishing audio or video podcasts, you can specify a time when those podcasts will be published.

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