Madden NFL Draft – How to Evaluate the Best Rookie Premiere Players in Madden 23

The NFL Draft in Madden 23 introduces a new wave of rookies and a new path for teams. There are many ways to evaluate these players to see if they are worth your investment. Whether you’re looking to improve your offensive line, defense, or special teams, there are a few players to consider.

Jordan Davis is an enormous defensive tackle. While his pass rush is underwhelming, his ability to come around the edge makes him a good option. He also has good speed for a DT. He has an 83 acceleration rating, 88 strength, and 86 block shedding. His speed and weight make him a space easter in the middle of the d-line.

In Madden 23, there will be 86 Rookie Premiere players. While the Rookie Premiere players in Madden 22 came from random teams, the Rookie Premiere players in Madden 23 are from every NFL team. By leveling up, you can earn new packs with these new players.

For the Rookie Premiere Token, you will need bhojpuri to complete 13 player sets. You’ll also need to reach MUT rank 30. You can also try completing challenges. For example, you can earn 3,000 XP and 1,000 coins by beating solo challenges.