Should You Shop in a Street Market Or in a Mall?

Street markets are a fun way to shop. Unlike shopping in a mall, you can bargain with vendors, see the items first-hand, and meet new people. Choosing between the two modes depends on your shopping needs, as well as the amount of time you want to spend. Each mode has a different customer base, and a specific range of products.

If you are on a budget, street markets are the way to go. Most of the items sold in these places are much cheaper. In addition, many people enjoy the fresh air and chatting with vendors. Also, you can often bargain for lower prices.

Street markets are also a great place to find food. You can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and get a lower price than in a mall. Some of these markets have food courts and restrooms, too. Some of these places also have a wide variety of souvenirs and other goods.

Another reason for preferring a shopping mall over a street market is convenience. Most malls have more stores and a better quality. In addition, they also have convenient payment procedures. For example, most people can pay with a credit card without having to worry about cash.